Pharmacy Registration Board of Western Australia


The Pharmacy Registration Board of Western Australia is established under the Pharmacy Act 2010 (the Act) and is the successor in law to the Pharmaceutical Council of Western Australia. It is responsible for administration of the Act which provides for the regulation of pharmacy businesses.

The Act requires the owners of pharmacy businesses to be registered.

NB. The registration of pharmacists and the handling of complaints about the conduct, health of a pharmacist is the responsibility of the Pharmacy Board of Australia which has its services administered by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

PLEASE NOTE: as per the Pharmacy Act 2010 (WA) Pharmacy Amendment Regulations 2019, Gazetted 24 December 2019, Schedule 2 - Fees - Pharmacy Regulations 2010 (WA) have been amended. Any application received after this date will incur the new fee. Please refer to Fees - Pharmacy Application Form & Renewal, for the new fee schedule.  

The Board

The Board consists of four members appointed by the Minister for Health. Three members are registered pharmacists and one is a community member.

Proposed Meeting Dates

From 1 January 2019, the Board will meet on the third Wednesday of each month.

For the Board to consider an application at a particular meeting, the completed application must be received no later than 20 business days prior to the meeting. The last date allowable is shown in square parenthesis next to the date of the meeting. 


All applications to be considered by the Board MUST be lodged electronically. 

Feb 2020: 19th [21 Jan 2020]
Mar 2020: 11th [11 Feb 2020] (note new date - moved from 18 March 2020)
Apr 2020: 15th [16 Mar 2020]
May 2020: 20th [21 Apr 2020] 
Jun 2020: 17th [20 May 2020]
Jul 2020: 15th [17 June 2020] 


Our Function

The functions of the Board are as follows: —

  1. to advise the Minister on matters to which the Act applies;
  2. to administer the scheme of registration;
  3. to monitor, and enforce, compliance with the Act;
  4. to perform other functions that are conferred on the Board under the Act or any other Act.